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The Artists

Of the eleven selected artists, a number will make site-specific installations that look at the changes taking place in the town, the question of reclaiming space and the position of Ashford as a gateway to the Continent. Some take a more lateral look at how to combine daily urban living with a sustainable transport system: Dan Griffiths, Roadsworth, Bryony Graham, Michael Pinsky and Brad Downey manipulate the material of the street – tarmac, roadsigns, and billboards - to make humorous and subtle interventions. Mark Prier and Akay look at the idea of re-appropriating space, incorporating the very infrastructure of road systems into their works. To represent the position that roads play in the environment, Thomson & Craighead juxtapose the cliché of country life within the confines of a town whilst Simon Faithfull’s projected video work offers a reminder of endless journeys on UK ring roads. Performance works include Gary Stevens’ swarming mass of people, exploring the physical terrain and human dynamics in public spaces.

Reflecting Ashford’s international position as a bridge between Paris and London on the route of the Eurostar, the artists selected are from France, Sweden, Canada and the USA.