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Lost O

Artworks which include sheep-bell concertos, subverted road signs and an immense paper house are part of Lost O, a dynamic programme of installations, interventions and performances by international artists, which took place in Ashford in July 2007 as the Tour de France passed through the town.

The identity of Ashford is soon to change radically. At present, the centre of Ashford appears as an island in the midst of fast flowing traffic, which stagnates towards the end of the day as Ashfordians return home from their daily labours. For pedestrians, fording this incessant stream of vehicles can be a stressful experience. In the near future, this current will be tamed and the inhabitants of this gentle town will be able to rejoin their suburban neighbours. Lost O is demarking this critical moment with artworks that acknowledge and celebrate the loss of the ring road as it is transformed into the largest Shared Space scheme in Europe.

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