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Lost O, curated by Michael Pinsky is a key component of the Breaking Boundaries art inclusion scheme for the Ashford Ring Road project. Breaking Boundaries was devised by RKL Consultants and is supported by Kent County Council, The Channel Corridor Partnership, Ashford Borough Council and SEEDA. Lost O is the recipient of a major award from the Arts Council England’s Arts Plus scheme.

The organizers are grateful to Ringways and Jacobs for their invaluable assistance; to South Kent College and Ashford School of Art and Design for all their help; to Kent College Farm for bringing sheep into the centre of Ashford; St Mary’s Church for hosting several projects; to Ashford Youth Theatre for the loan of their rehearsal space and the 1st Kennington Explorer Scouts for helping AKAY with papering.

Initial research for the project was undertaken by Stephanie Delcroix.