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Gary Stevens UK

Gary Stevens creates performances and video installations, working with a wide range of visual artists and performers. His solo & ensemble works have been presented internationally in gallery, theatre, festival and public spaces. The live work is the result of long, practical and material development; the structure, which often includes an elaborate text, grows out of this process. His unique use of text and speech in a visual art context is formal, yet seems casual. It describes and defines a fictive space and situation but the conspicuous invention confronts us with something real. The work is about modes of thought; a psychology is often alien and at odds with the audience and performer’s states of mind. It is critical and funny. The staging and productions are simple and stark, but the structures are rich and compelling.He won a Paul Hamlyn Award for Visual Arts and a Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts Award. He is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford.