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Simon Faithfull UK

Simon’s drawings and installations have been in numerous international solo & group exhibitions over the last seven years. His practice as an artist has been as varied and unstable as some of his experiments, ranging from installations such the Hertford Union (where he punctured the Chisenhale Gallery’s wall to pump in water from the unseen canal) to video works such as 30Km (which uses a camera attached to a weather balloon to record a journey from his face to the edge of space). The other side to his practice utilises a Palm Pilot as a crude drawing device that enables digital sketches to be made in situ and dispatched out to the world via email or the web, the Palm Pilot as a psychogeographer’s mapping tool. He undertook a two month journey to Antarctica from which he is sent back a drawing a day via email. This and other film work made in Antarctica formed a national touring exhibition.