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Gary Stevens Flock

Flock is an unstable, nebulous object that consists entirely of people in their own clothes. They are seen at a distance as they drift around a space or up close as they invade a room and threaten to envelop and engulf spectators. They move as a mass with a strict programme governing their collective behaviour. This behaviour holds them together - like molecules; or like a herd of animals, a flock of birds, or a swarm of bees. The associations are never confirmed. The mass can sweep through a room or garden, wash over chairs and tables, adhere to furniture or bounce around an interior. This impression of a collective entity interacting - more or less intelligently - with a space is not created through the performance of the individuals but by their adherence to a set of common instructions and copying one another. Architectural features, such as stairs, corridors or doorways, can change the shape of this amorphous group as it negotiates the space. A cascade of teeming and meandering bodies descending a staircase seems anarchic, dangerous and out of control. It may spill over the banisters, flow out of a window, climb walls or swamp items of furniture. It may become dense - approximating an elastic body (something like an amoeba) - or fluid, spreading and permeating the space like a gas. The concept has no fixed number of performers or a specific duration. It could last for one and half hours or all day with a relay of performers replacing one another to sustain the group.

Location - Around the town centre. During the performances phone or text ‘flock’ to 07942 296691 for up to the minute location details.

Time - 7th July 2007 11.30am – 4.00pm
8th July 2007 11.30am – 4.00pm.