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Roadsworth Universal Synchronicity

Inspired by the concept of the ‘peloton’ where cyclists form a ‘pack’ utilizing such concepts as ‘drafting’ to conserve energy. The idea is to portray ‘nature’s peloton’, manifested by schools of fish or flocks of birds that move synchronously, continuously alternating between vulnerable and more secure positions within the school or flock as a means of confusing predators. The form of cooperation is not only reminiscent of how cyclists maneuver within a pack but also how human traffic operates as a whole. Depending on how much road is available, the idea could be extended indefinitely with ‘schools of fish morphing into flocks of birds into a pack of wolves into falling maple leaves into a pack cyclists into a formation of jets etc.

Location - Elwick Road.
Time - 1July 2007 – 31st of Oct 2007